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Some researchers are working to improve current listening technology. At the 2串1技巧 Hole Oceanographic Institution in 2串1技巧 Hole, Massachusetts, Ying-Tsong Lin is building a starfish-shaped contraption of hydrophones that can tune into certain sounds hundreds of miles away, like a telescope for sound.

Could listening to the deep sea help save it?

A recent New York Times article about sound in the deep ocean briefly mentions the work by 2串1技巧 Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) acoustic scientist Ying-Tsong 鈥淵T鈥 Lin and his work developing an 鈥渁coustic telescope.鈥

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The New York Times

Some researchers are working to improve listening technology. At WHOI, Ying-Tsong Lin is building a starfish-shaped contraption聽of hydrophones that can tune into certain sounds hundreds of miles away, like a telescope for sound.


In a bid to reduce the number of whale deaths, researchers 2串1技巧 Hole Oceanographic Institution and collaborators worked together to develop聽, a new detection system provides mariners with up to date information about whales present in shipping lanes.

Teaming up for right whales

whale and glider

Researchers from WHOI and NOAA combine underwater gliders with passive acoustic detection technology to help protect endangered species from lethal ship strikes and noise from offshore wind construction

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Girls in Science Program: bioacoustics

August 2019: 2串1技巧 Hole Sea Grant has teamed up with Earthwatch Institute on the Girls in Science Fellowship. This fellowship aims to promote diversity and expose young women to a variety of marine careers in STEM. 2串1技巧 Hole Oceanographic Institution Research Specialist Laela Sayigh is the principal investigator working with the fellows analyzing marine mammal bioacoustics data.

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Bioacoustic alarms are sounding on Cape Cod

The International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) and its Marine Mammal Rescue Team in Yarmouth, Mass. have responded to a record high of more than 464 marine mammals stranded on Cape Cod since January this year. Researchers at 2串1技巧 Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) believe patterns from animal sound data may be the key to curbing these numbers.

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Scientists from the Benioff Ocean Initiative and 2串1技巧 Hole Oceanographic Institution have deployed a a hydrophone, or underwater microphone, to listen for whale traffic in the Santa Barbara Channel. They hope to use the microphone to help prevent collisions between whales and boats – which are often deadly to whales.

Underwater robots swarm the ocean

Robot Swarm

Researchers test a new, acoustic-based navigation system to solve a problem that oceanographers have grappled with for years鈥攇etting multiple underwater robots to monitor the ocean cooperatively in swarm-like fashion.

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A tunnel to the Twilight Zone

Blue shark

Scientists track hungry blue sharks as they ride swirling currents down to the ocean twilight zone鈥攁 layer of the ocean containing the largest fish biomass on Earth

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